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1. Introduction 

Welcome to ConnectAMaid.com, an exclusive maid marketplace in the UAE, proudly presented by WorldeMart FZE and its global affiliates. This introduction emphasizes our commitment to respecting your online privacy and managing your personally identifiable information responsibly. The Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and safeguard your information on our Platform, including our website, applications, and affiliated services. 

2. Types of Personal Information Collected 

We acknowledge the sensitivity of personal information and collect it responsibly to enhance our services. The detailed list includes the types of information we collect and how we obtain them, ranging from contact details and employment preferences to technical information through the use of cookies. 

3. How We Use Your Personal Information 

This section outlines the various purposes for which we process your personal information, ensuring that our actions are fair, reasonable, and lawful. We highlight key activities such as providing services, sending relevant job alerts, protecting users, and improving the overall user experience. 

4. Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies 

We explain our use of cookies and tracking technologies on our web pages, emphasizing that users have control over their preferences through browser settings. The importance of these technologies in improving the Platform and user experience is emphasized, and a reference to the detailed Cookie Policy is provided. 

5. Legal Grounds for Collection and Processing 

We outline the legal basis for collecting and processing your personal information, emphasizing the importance of consent and compliance with legal obligations. This provides transparency about why and how we process your data. 

6. Information Sharing and Disclosure 

The section on information sharing stresses our commitment to restricting access to authorized personnel. We clarify the circumstances under which we may share your information with affiliates, recruiters, and third-party service providers. 

7. Third-Party Content 

Acknowledging the presence of third-party content on our Platform, we emphasize that users should review the privacy policies of these external sites. This ensures transparency about our limited control over the use of information on third-party servers.

8. Children 

We explain the age requirements for using ConnectAMaid.com, stressing the importance of parental or guardian supervision for users under 18. 

9. Retention of Personal Information 

This section details our commitment to retaining your personal information only for the necessary duration, in compliance with legal obligations. 

10. Controlling Your Personal Information 

We highlight your rights as users to control and manage your personal information, encouraging you to contact us for any queries or requests. 

11. Confidentiality and Security 

The emphasis is on the security and confidentiality of your personal information, both internally and when external service providers are involved. 

12. Social Media 

We elaborate on our social media presence, indicating the purpose of our channels and cautioning users against sharing sensitive personal data on these platforms. 

13. Changes to this Privacy Policy 

Users are informed of our right to update the Privacy Policy, with changes taking effect upon publication. 

14. Disclaimer 

A disclaimer clarifies that we do not store certain sensitive information and highlights our non-liability for losses resulting from disclosure during online transactions. 

15. Contact Information 

The Privacy Policy concludes with clear contact information for users to reach our Data Protection Officer/Grievance Officer for any questions or concerns. 

Email:- info@connectamaid.com

This elaborate explanation aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of each section of the ConnectAMaid.com Privacy Policy.

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